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About us

The 67Sigma restaurant introduces itself with a renewed, refreshed image and an exciting spring-summer menu.

2019 will be the year of re-laying the table! The restaurant received renewed momentum in the ownership of a dedicated family business. We are looking forward to hosting our dear Guests, sharing traditions with them, getting them acquainted with novelties, and offering a unique, modern and creative cuisine which is still based on traditions.

“This restaurant is at our heart. Our aim is to create an experience: with flavours, appearance, smells, with the quality of service, delicious drinks, with our cosy interiors and green garden. The enthusiasm and creativity coming from the heart of our young and dynamic team provides the spirit and soul of this place.

The satisfaction of our guests is of utmost importance for us. We wish to provide an experience which is worth remembering and returning for!”

Our team

Sensitive to quality, original and curious – these are the characteristics of our team. Our cooks attend international and domestic competitions, and they are proud of their international success, too. As a result of their ongoing willingness to improve, we can always renew, both in terms of ingredients and kitchen appliances. The inspiration our chef gained from the nature and other cultures appears in the creation of our dishes.

We pay particular attention to obtain the ingredients of our dishes from controlled and selected producers. French premium vegetables, such as chervil, black salsify, spice oils, Spanish olive and truffle make our menu more diverse. We purchase the mangalica, pigeon, quail and venison from Hungarian farmers. The meat for our premium quality steaks comes from Brazil, Australia and the United States.


A hely - Hiemer-ház

The “smart casual” inner city elegance that characterises our restaurant could not have got a better place than the rightly recognised Hiemer-house in the heart of Székesfehérvár.

The inner city of Székesfehérvár still has its street structure from the middle ages, its ornaments are the baroque, rococo and late rococo style buildings. The baroque gem of the inner city, the Hiemer-house, stands out from them, and is one of the most extraordinary creations of the Hungarian late rococo style architecture. It was formed by merging of the Hiemer–Font–Caraffa buildings, three unparalleled buildings of the middle ages.

The architecture historical value of the listed building, refurbished between 2005 and 2011, is provided by the substantial building remains from the middle ages, the baroque frescos and the stuccos decorating the interior walls and the façade.

The Hiemer-house aims to serve the community of residents of Székesfehérvár and its visitors not only by its monumental values but also by its useful functions.

It is a civil ceremony venue, but apart from hosting civil ceremonies, it is also suitable for conferences, and its 250 sqm Ball room, which our restaurant may also use, can host different individual events as a multifunctional event hall.

With the comprehensive refurbishment of the Hiemer-house, while keeping the monumental values, the 21st century moved into the buildings, providing an opportunity to ensure high quality services by meeting the requirements of the modern era.

A Hiemer-ház teljes körű felújításával a műemléki értékek megőrzése mellett az épületegyüttesbe beköltözött a 21. század, mely lehetőséget biztosít a modern kor igényeinek megfelelő, magas színvonalú szolgáltatások nyújtására.


  8000 Székesfehérvár, Oskola utca 2-4.



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