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Starters – recommended with wine

Mangalica ham from Pátka, arugula, grilled zucchini,
quail eggs from Tarnóca & rosemary focaccia (G)2.600,-

Grilled handmade Hungarian camembert, kohlrabi,
truffle & fresh salad with raspberry dressing (G, L) 2.800,-

Grilled shrimp, risotto with calamari ink, sun-dried tomatoes (L) 2.800,-

Tartar beefsteak, black garlic,
pickles & homemade pan-fried sourdough loaves (G)3.000,-

Streetfood dishes

Handmade burgers (with homemade buns and meat patty)

Classic 67Sigma burger (G) 2.150,-
(Angus beef patty, honey mustard, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, pickled red onion, ketchup)

Gray cattle burger (G, L) 2.150,-
(Gray cattle meat patty, BBQ sauce, smoked cheese from Csurgódomb, grilled tomate, romaine lettuce heart)

67Sigma cheesburger (G, L) 2.150,-
(fried camembert, blueberry jam, baby spinach, Sigma burger sauce & hazelnuts)

Coleslaw 690,-

French fries 690,-

Ceasar salad, roasted chicken breast, crouton (G) 2.850,-

Fish & chips, remolulade sauce (G) 2.500,-


Green pea cream soup, shrimp (L) 1.900,-

Duck consommé, duck breast, rice noodles & crispy vegetables1.900,-

Saffron tarragon dumpling soup from
Nyírség & pressed calf thigh (G, L)1.900,-

Main dishes

Farm chicken from Tranóca in two ways, vegetables fricasse (L) 3.400,-

Homemade pappardelle pasta, parmesan emulsion,
grilled mushrooms, cashews & marinated pears (G, L) 3.600,-

Pan-fried panko crusted Fledermaus,
new potatoes with parsley & citrus fresh salad (G) 3.800,-

Leg of rabbit stuffed with duck liver,
roasted beets, spelled, date (G, L) 4.400,-

Trout from Tahitótfalu, cauliflower, curry & golden raisins (L) 4.600,-

67Sigma ratatouille,
duck liver from Móricgát & pickled vegetables 6.200,-

Irish beef tenderloin, confit new potatoes,
grilled vegetables, truffle mayonnaise & mustard seed jus 7.800,-

Premium steak according to daily offer with the
recommendation of the waiter
    - recommended side dish: confit new potatoes, grilled vegetables,
      truffle mayonnaise & mustard seed jus


Lemon tart, lime meringue & white chocolate sorbet (G, L) 1.800,-

French brioche, raspberry, vanilla foam & elderberry sorbet (G, L) 1.800,-

67Sigma cottage cheese dumplings, apricot (G, L) 1.800,-

L – lactose | G – gluten
Our prices are in HUF


  8000 Székesfehérvár, Oskola utca 2-4.


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